Cruise Ship Employment

Liz Aceves
Mexico City, Mexico

I’m a 28-year old Mexican who is in constant need of adventure! By the age of 22, I had already lived in England, France, Canada and the United States and traveled to over 15 different countries across Europe and Africa.

Eventually, I went back to school in Mexico City where I studied International Business Management. However, during a short holiday with my family to the resort town of Acapulco right after I finished my studies, I began wondering where my next adventure would take me. And then, I saw a cruise ship anchored off the coast of Acapulco.

In July 2007, I found myself working on board my first ship, the Queen Mary 2, one of the largest cruise ships in the world. My life would never be the same again. During my first two cruise ship contracts I worked on board two amazing ships, received four promotions and salary increases, visited over 25 countries on 5 different continents and enjoyed the most relaxing two month vacation I could have ever hoped for.

I’m the kind of crew member who takes advantage of the lifestyle as much as possible. Each time I earn a promotion, I am granted a new set of privileges and as a result, I’m able to spend my free time at the Wine and Cheese Parties, watching the Broadway-style theater performances, eating in the passenger restaurants, dancing in the Night Club, exercising in the beautiful passenger gym or making a fool out of myself in a karaoke contest!

I honestly love ship life and I really can’t imagine where I would be without it.


Derek Baron
Boston, USA

During my college years, I moved around quite a bit, attending three different universities before earning my degree. So it was no surprise that upon graduating from school, I was eager to keep on moving. Deciding to put off the real world for a while, I embarked on a 3-month backpacking trip around Southeast Asia, with the hopes of planning my future while experiencing a new part of the world.

That one trip ended up changing my life. Instead of the 3 months I had planned, that trip is still ongoing…and it’s been 11 years and counting! For 5 ½ of those years, I’ve been working on board cruise ships as a Tour Manager, responsible for the entire shore excursion program that ships offer their passengers in every port of call. I love the work, I love the traveling, I love the friends I’ve met and I definitely love the money I’ve saved.

In between contracts, I tend to do such things as backpack around South America, volunteer in India or spend a couple of months living on a tropical island in Thailand (if you’re ever in Thailand, I highly recommend the island of Koh Mak!).

Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful to my Australian friend who first suggested I work on board cruise ships several years ago. Without ‘ship life’, I’d probably be stuck in the real world, in debt and unable to accomplish any of my goals. Instead, I’ve been exposed to a wonderfully unique lifestyle that has offered me rewards I never thought possible.

These days, Liz and I are spending much of our time living in Mexico as we’re currently working on some new projects based upon our travel experiences. Our goal is to continue helping as many people as possible live a more fulfilling and travel-filled life!

If you ever want to know more about us, just send us an email at:
liz_derek @

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